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Marlowe, thank you very much for all your help and understanding.  You have made a big difference in my life in the short time that I have known you.  SL
This is a testimonial for Marlowe Lindberg, When I started therapy I was extreme anxiety and depression. I found CBT therapy including the EMDR has definitely helped my anxiety and my past regression with my parents and with my sister. I am now speaking to my family, and have resolved lots of issues with my past.
Regarding my anxiety and depression, Marlowe has been completely a lifesaver. I was not coping with life and with her help and guidance I feel that I am worth living for and dealing with issues in my life. She has helped me to cope and has provided me with strategies that I can use in the future. She is the best!
Elaine B
When I started therapy with Marlowe, I would worry about everything. After completing the assignments for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, I started with EMDR therapy to help me with the Post Trauma, which was a result of being in a head on collision that left me fearful to drive again. The EMDR therapy helped me to resolve many issues from my past as well as overcome my fear of driving. Thank you Marlowe!
After talking to Marlowe, it felt good to be listened to - to know that someone else cares about me and wants to help.
I tried CBT before but it didn't seem to work, but the way in which Marlowe presents the assignments and covers every detail of how to do them, I found this time CBT really helped. Glad I gave CBT another try.
I met with Marlowe Lindberg for EMDR therapy.  Marlowe was very professional and sensitive to my needs.  She walked me through the exercises and every step of the way. She carefully assessed the stage that I was at. Each session permitted me to release the negative emotions that I had, and liberated me from the disturbing memories of the past.
June G.
Marlowe, thank you so much, you have been like a guardian angel in our lives.  You have no idea how much hope you have given us to get better.  We really appreciate it and look forward to future sessions with you. C and B.
Marlowe, thank you for your support as I navigated my way through some tricky times.  I appreciated your CDs on hypnosis and your kind, professional manner.  JW

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